Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cyber Trooper Red Bean Kit Siang Nafi !! kah...kah..kah..kahh

Betul kah Kit Siang tidak tahu menahu tentang Cyber Trooper Red Bean Army..? 

Siapa pula  Shen Yee Aun ?

Bagaimana dengan pendedahan dan pengakuan Shen Yee Aun atau SYA ini?


“Let me state clearly and categorically that until a few days ago when I came across the Utusan Malaysia series of write-ups on the so-called ‘Red Bean Army’, I have not heard of the term before,” he said. 

The army allegedly functions in two areas – one from a hotel in Kuala Lumpur and another based in Komtar, Penang, where the DAP helms the state government.

“….Among others, this group is responsible for the vicious rumour circulating online that several polling centres had suffered blackouts during the vote-counting process on May 5, sparking claims of election irregularities,” he was quoted as saying.

   the duty of the RBA is to attack any politician, businessman or entertainer who are seen as pro-BN via social media sites 

In the New Straits Times today, ex-PKR Youth information bureau secretary Nordin Ahmad said opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim too was fully aware of the RBA and has been utilising them to spread falsehoods about the BN government.

Nordin also alleged that Anwar had employed the RBA’s services the moment Pakatan Rakyat (PR) was formed after the March 2008 polls.


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